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A frail Tiger Woods holding his time to lapse to veteran golf

8:40 PM ET

NAPA, Calif. — The quip is on hold, along with a sobering acknowledgment from Tiger Woods. His diversion is “vulnerable” and not nonetheless prepared for competition. And maybe not for primary time viewing, either.

How most this has to do with Woods’ possess insecurities about his diversion and how it competence demeanour are all partial of a formidable package we get when traffic with someone who was so stunningly good for so prolonged and who is now faced with being distant divided from those dizzying heights of greatness.

“After a lot of soul-searching and honest reflection, we know that we am not nonetheless prepared to play on a PGA Tour or contest in Turkey,” Woods pronounced on his website. “My health is good, and we feel strong, though my diversion is exposed and not where it needs to be.”

That Woods, 40, would be so blunt as to his possess deficiencies right now is jarring, even meaningful that a 14-time vital leader has been by a poignant volume of pain and a delayed reconstruction from dual surgeries late in 2015.

It was Woods, after all, who non-stop adult a doorway to this return, observant some-more than a month ago that he “hoped” to be behind this week during a Safeway Open though also observant that he had a lot of work to do in that duration to get ready.

“It gave him even some-more energy: ‘Man, we wish to be behind in a locker room,”’ Steinberg said. “It illuminated even some-more of a glow for him. But when he satisfied that his diversion only wasn’t there, it was really frustrating.”

Steinberg pronounced Woods felt he didn’t trust it was “appropriate” to make his lapse during a Turkish Airlines Open, a European Tour event. It was out of “respect for a PGA Tour” that he is skipping that contest abroad subsequent month, not some doom and dejection unfolding that keeps him from being prepared then.

Of course, there are other PGA Tour events after that and before a Hero World Challenge in Dec in a Bahamas, where Woods hosts a annual contest for his foundation.

Perhaps he sees a softer opening for himself in a Bahamas. Woods has a home in a review village of Albany on New Providence in The Bahamas and knows Albany Golf Course, one that is comparatively benign. The contest facilities only 18 players, though it was during a same eventuality — one he has won 7 times — played in Orlando dual years ago where he tied for last.

The good news is Woods now has another dual months to prepare. He’ll have a several corporate and substructure duties that take adult his time, though there should be copiousness of room for repeated rounds of golf, liberation and practice.

The subsequent step afterwards is contest golf, nauseous or not. At some point, Woods needs to burst behind between a ropes, take a few hits and learn to cope with a diversion on a turn he done demeanour so easy for so long.

If not December, afterwards when?


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