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7 large changes entrance to Facebook

New York (CNNMoney) — Get prepared for some-more large changes to Facebook.

The amicable media association announced several new products and facilities that will launch on a height shortly — all are designed to make it easier for we to promulgate with people and businesses.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other executives debuted a slew of height enhancements during F8, a company’s developer conference, on Wednesday.

Here’s what’s coming:

1. Spherical videos on your News Feed and Oculus VR headset (if we have one). Facebook will shortly support videos shot with 360-degree camera record (the same approach Google Maps’ Street View photos are captured). These videos concede we to change a viewpoint we see by clicking and boring on a screen.

Google-owned YouTube recently announced support for this format as well. As video calm becomes a entire format for sharing, design these dual companies to launch even some-more facilities during a fast pace.

2. Track your online purchases and promulgate with businesses within Messenger. Facebook’s standalone messaging app will shortly be integrated into e-commerce sites. In a future, when we make a squeeze online, we can select to bond your Facebook criticism so that companies can send we notifications about what we bought directly in a Messenger app.

If we hatred removing mixed emails that endorse your order, tell we when your sequence has been shipped, and if your earnings have been received, we competence be happy with this update.

3. Reply to messages regulating other apps. You can now open third celebration apps like charcterised GIF-creator Giphy within a Messenger app to send a message. Previously, you’d have to tighten a app, open Giphy, emanate a GIF, and afterwards duplicate it into a message.

“We truly feel that, together, we have a shot during reinventing how a billion people promulgate each day,” pronounced David Marcus, conduct of a Messenger group during Facebook. He also combined his adore for GIFs. “They make a universe a small better.”


Messenger also now allows concordant third-parties to prompt people to download their apps directly by a Messenger platform.

4. Videos we post on Facebook can be embedded elsewhere online. Previously, if we uploaded a video to Facebook, we could usually share a video by joining to it. This is another try to make it some-more appealing for people to upload their videos on Facebook instead of YouTube.

5. If we criticism on a story somewhere else online, it will uncover adult on Facebook too. Next time we wish to contend something about an essay we read, remember that it will shortly uncover adult automatically underneath a story posted to Facebook. This change is dictated to make it easier for media companies to benefit some-more rendezvous with their content.

Facebook bond partners BuzzFeed, EliteDaily, The Huffington Post, and Fox Sports are among a initial media companies to exam this update.

6. Get prepared to control some-more inclination with your Facebook account. The association announced new ways for a developers to build programs that can control all from your garage doorway to your self-watering plant. It’s Facebook’s approach of removing into a universe of IoT, or a Internet of Things.

“We wish to be there with we when we start experimenting with these things,” Parse CEO and co-founder Ilya Sukhar told a audience.

It’s not transparent nonetheless how Facebook will confederate with IoT devices.

7. Developers will get analytics for their apps. The giveaway dashboard will let developers see who is interacting with their apps and where they’re entrance from — opposite all devices.

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