Why release a music video when you can release your own action movie?

As if Views wasn’t already a chart-topping sensation, Drake released a short film with an ambition to match: the action/thriller Please Forgive Mesoundtracked by selections from his new album.

Here’s what we learned from the 23-minute-long clip, which you can stream via Apple Music here.

It’s one long Views music video…

Aside from the viral sensation that was the Hotline Bling music video, the only Views song that Drake has released visuals for is Child’s Play, with a Tyra Banks clip set at the Cheesecake Factory.

Please Forgive Me loses the humor (and wine-throwing) of Child’s Play, giving the visual treatment to seven Views tracks. The concept is similar to Jungle, the short film he released for his 2015 If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late mixtape, attempting to capture the album’s feel with a string of videos. Except instead of Jungle‘s solitary look at Drizzy’s Toronto, it’s a globetrotting Taken-style caper that imagines the rapper as an action star.

Highlights include Hype‘s late-night car chase, the title track’s pack of female assassins, and the outdoor dance floor of One Dance that’s the spiritual sequel to Rihanna’s Work clip. (If only she made a cameo.)

…with a plot that pays homage to Indecent Proposal

The 1993 film where Robert Redford offers Woody Harrelson $ 1 million to sleep with his wife Demi Moore gets a modern update, with a wealthy businessman offering Drake’s girl (model Fanny Neguesha) the same exorbitant sum for a night together.

You’d think that the notoriously-protective rapper would try and dissuade her, but in the film’s opening minutes, he tells her to take the money. (Which is immediately followed by a shot of Drizzy drinking alone and crying blood, so no, things don’t go according to plan.)

…that transports Drizzy around the world…

Listeners heard Drake travel from Toronto to Jamaica on Views‘ dancehall-influenced tracks, including One Dance and Controlla. Please Forgive Me adds more stamps to the rapper’s passport, filmed on location in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Please Forgive Me‘s action goes down a hemisphere away from the streets of Kingston, but Drizzy’s Jamaican fascination doesn’t escape his latest project, which co-stars his dancehall collaborator Popcaan and sees the rapper’s voice occasionally slipping into patois.

…and into the arms of Neguesha

Viewers get an intimate introduction to the Belgian model, actress and singer in Please Forgive Me‘s semi-NSFW opening shot.

While things don’t end well for Neguesha’s character, Please Forgive Me is the latest success in her breakout summer, which also included signing to Universal Music Group’s French division and releasing her first single on the label, Number One.

Neguesha is a more familiar name across the pond, formerly involved with Italian soccer player Mario Balotelli.

But are we ready for Drake as a serious actor?

Let’s all remember that Drake got his start on screen.

But as Aubrey Graham has morphed from Degrassi Jimmy to a platinum-selling rapper, he’s showing that he’s ready to get back into acting in a major way.

The rapper’s Jungle short film, released in February 2015, still very much felt like a music video. What a difference a year makes, with Drake still dominating rap (and Views still topping Billboard’s album charts), while also positioning himself for a post-Degrassi acting career. Comedic roles came first, with Drake starring in a T-Mobile Super Bowl ad earlier this year, followed by his latest stint hosting Saturday Night Live in May.

But Please Forgive Me is a veritable For Your Consideration advertisement for the rapper’s potential Hollywood future, as he emotes his way through shootouts, love scenes and fiery explosions in a short film with a budget that’s definitely larger than many indie films. (And several Degrassi seasons, probably.)

After ruling the charts in 2016, will 2017 be the year Drake attempts to take over Hollywood?

Stream Please Forgive Me via Apple Music here.

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