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5 NFL games we’d like to see on Thanksgiving each year

From a high-powered diversion in Dallas-Pittsburgh to one filled with invulnerability and hard-hitting players. Though Arizona competence not be really good this season, it’s typically among a best teams in a NFL. The Cardinals have won double-digit games in any of a final 3 seasons, that is quite considerable in a always-challenging NFC West. The Seahawks, on a other palm – well, we know what you’ll get with them. They’re a many earthy group in football with a best invulnerability over a past few years.

This diversion wouldn’t be a shootout like Cowboys-Steelers, though that doesn’t meant it’d miss excitement. Both teams have good offenses led by Russell Wilson and Carson Palmer, respectively. Wilson, when healthy, is impossibly sparkling to watch, as is David Johnson with his flexibility in a flitting diversion and on a ground. Receivers competence have a tough time violation open on possibly side with Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu roaming any secondary.

So only how uniformly matched are these dual squads? They’ve separate a all-time array 17-17-1, going all a approach behind to 1976. The Seahawks, however, have left 5-2-1 opposite a Cardinals given Dec 2012.

Just don’t design a kickers to make a game-winning margin idea in overtime – that won’t happen.

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