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5 passed as serious continue strikes from SC to NY

Last Updated Feb 25, 2016 1:51 AM EST

CONVENT, La. — Four people, including a toddler, were killed Wednesday in Virginia as a serious charge complement changed north after withdrawal a trail of genocide and drop in a Deep South.

Police in Sussex County, Virginia, told CBS associate WTVR a 50-year-old man, a 26-year-old male and two-year-old child died when their mobile home in Waverly was strike by a suspected tornado.

The victims were found approximately 300 yards from a mobile home. The bodies were ecstatic to a Office of a Medical Examiner in Norfolk for certain identification.

Debris was seen strewn by a streets of Waverly, with trees down and poignant repairs to homes. CBS News match Chip Reid reported that a waste margin was 3 miles long.

Sussex-Surry Dispatch contributor Michael Campbell photographed a mobile home ripped open, cars flipped over, piece steel disfigured around write poles. Roads are blocked by downed trees, energy lines, and piles of waste ripped from homes.

A Virginia State Police orator told CBS News that a physique of a male reported blank after his home was broken by a reported flue cloud in a Appomattox County village of Evergreen was found late Wednesday. Seven other people in a area were hurt.


An apparent hurricane rips by Evergreen, Virginia, in Appomattox County on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has announced a state of puncture as a absolute charge complement barrels by a eastern partial of a nation.

In Darlington County, South Carolina, a 58-year-old male was killed by a tree that fell on him after he stopped to mislay charge waste from a highway circuitously his home, reports CBS Florence, S.C. associate WBTW-TV.

Several buildings collapsed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania when a probable hurricane struck circuitously White Horse, CBS associate WHP reported. Emergency officials pronounced there were no evident reports of injuries.

The National Weather Service released a hurricane watch for most of New Jersey and a Philadelphia area, CBS New York reported. A serious thunderstorm warning and a breeze advisory were in outcome for New York City, a suburbs and northern New Jersey. Flood warnings were also posted.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced late Wednesday that a transport advisory would be in outcome from Wednesday dusk by early Thursday morning.

“We’re awaiting clever winds and some thunderstorms this evening,” a mayor pronounced in a statement. “New Yorkers should be really clever pushing and walking tonight.”

High winds defeated tress and energy lines around a area, including a 50-foot tree that fell onto a residence in New Milford, New Jersey. No one was injured, according to CBS New York.

The breeze was also blamed for an collision in that a semi-trailer lorry flipped over on a George Washington Bridge. A source told CBS New York contributor Tony Aiello a lorry was headed easterly toward New York City and flipped over – and into a westbound lanes – due to high winds.

Three people were killed in Louisiana and Mississippi when tornadoes strike there Tuesday. Dozens of other people were injured.

The National Weather Service had released a hurricane warning for an area in southeastern Virginia, with radar indicating a hurricane in Waverly.

Tornadoes ripped by an RV park in Louisiana and significantly shop-worn scarcely 100 homes and apartments in Florida, and forecasters warned that some-more twisters were probable Wednesday as a lethal charge complement changed to a East Coast.

One of a hardest-hit areas along a Gulf Coast on Tuesday was a recreational car park in a city of Convent, in southern Louisiana. RVs were tossed about and lay on tip of wrecked cars and pickup trucks.

Two people were killed there, and 31 harmed people were taken to area hospitals, pronounced St. James Parish Sheriff Will Martin. Seven of them were in vicious condition, he said.

CBS News match David Begnaud toured a repairs with Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards.

“It could not have strike a some-more exposed area,” Edwards told Begnaud. “These are transport trailers. These are not even mobile homes that get strapped down and secured.”

An all-night hunt of a RV park found no additional injuries or fatalities, a policeman said. Three people were still blank and Martin pronounced he hoped to locate them Wednesday.

Forty-eight-year-old Barbara Posey has a presence story even she can’t believe. She spoke to CBS New’ Begnaud about it on Wednesday.

“I felt things attack a trailer or a RV. Kept feeling things attack a RV. And afterwards subsequent thing we know we went forward, and subsequent thing we know it was daylight,” she explained. “I was roving around and around and around and afterwards we didn’t satisfied until after what it was. It was an electrical box we was roving on.”

Her RV now looks like throw churned among a smack of personal treasures.


Barbara Posey.

“Man it’s tough to sense right now,” pronounced Ricky Posey, Barbara’s husband.

He left her sanatorium bedside to find equipment belonging to her grandmother.

“You can demeanour around and see what one charge can do,” he said.

Briaxton Lott, 23, was in a trailer park when a hurricane hit. The pad where his trailer once sat was dull and he forked to a ruins of his trailer about 100 feet away.

“The whole front finish came adult and slammed behind down, and we grabbed adult a baby and a subsequent thing we know we only went rolling finish over end,” Lott said.

His broken trailer finished adult right subsequent to 3 trailers that seemed untouched. Children’s toys were sparse in a mud, and an alarm could be listened going off in a morning, expected alerting a long-gone proprietor it was time to go to work. Remains of a confused and crushed trailers and vehicles were sparse opposite a park.

Lott, who was in a trailer with his wife, dual kids and their dog, didn’t even know where a tip of his trailer was. He came behind in a morning to puncture out some possessions, including family Bibles and equipment hereditary from an uncle who upheld away.

When asked his skeleton for a destiny Lott said: “Just keep relocating forward. We’ll really be going to church Sunday, definitely.”

Thousands of people opposite a Gulf Coast segment were but energy and a hazard of some-more tornadoes remained. At slightest 88 million people along a East Coast were during some arrange of risk of serious continue Wednesday, a Storm Prediction Center said.

Some of a incomparable metro areas enclosed a North Carolina cities of Raleigh and Wake Forest. Straight-line breeze gusts might be quite strong, reaching 70 mph or greater.

Forecasters with a National Weather Service had to take cover Tuesday in a preserve in Slidell, Louisiana, since a hurricane was nearby. Lightning took out a office’s radar, forcing them to use backups.

“We felt a shockwave go by a building,” pronounced Ken Graham of a National Weather Service.

The storms dumped several inches of sleet in Alabama, Georgia and elsewhere, causing peep inundate watches.

By 7 a.m. Wednesday, Albany, Georgia, had available 3.58 inches of sleet in a 24-hour period. In Atlanta, a two-day sum was coming 3 inches before emergence Wednesday.

Schools were sealed in tools of Georgia, Florida and South Carolina forward of a storms.

At slightest 7 tornadoes strike Louisiana and Mississippi.

In Mississippi, one person, 73-year-old Dale Purvis, died of blunt-force mishap in a mobile home west of Purvis, Lamar County Coroner Cody Creel said.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott pronounced an apparent hurricane in a Pensacola area significantly shop-worn some-more than 70 homes and 24 apartments, withdrawal 3 people with teenager injuries.

He stopped during The Moorings unit complex, where winds churned a roof off of during slightest dual buildings. A tangled wall of tree limbs and energy lines partially blocked a opening to a unit complex. A vast ash tree fell on a side of one building and dozens of cars in a parking lot were crushed underneath a covering of wood, disfigured metal, insulation and other debris.

“I was on a phone with my sister. we listened a trees drifting by a atmosphere and attack things,” pronounced proprietor Sherman Matthews. “We are advantageous no one was killed.”


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