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100 Classic Atari Games Headed to Steam

Ready to re-live your youth, Atari nerds?

The association on Thursday announced skeleton to recover 100 of a classical games — including Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest, Warlords, and more — as a singular PC pretension with new facilities and multiplayer capabilities.

Currently underneath growth by Code Mystic (the same association behind Atari’s Greatest His for mobile devices), a supposed Atari Vault will be accessible around Valve’s Steam height during some indicate this spring, vouchsafing fans “relive a classical gaming knowledge in a complicated age,” Atari said.

Featuring an “upgraded user interface,” Atari Vault will exaggerate online and internal multiplayer options, and Steam Controller support for “significantly softened pointing control” than we had behind in a day. Perhaps many exciting — we will, for a initial time ever, be means to plea other Atari fans from around a world, and contest for bragging rights on Steam Leaderboards.

Rest positive that a games will underline their strange soundtracks from a 70s and 80s, so we can jam out only like we did in a aged days. That’s flattering most all we know during this indicate (there’s no word on pricing), though Atari plants to preview a gold after this month during PAX South 2016 in San Antonio, Texas, so stay tuned for more.

We haven’t listened too most else from Atari recently, though a association several years ago teamed adult with Microsoft to bring eight of a classical games to a Web for giveaway in HTML5. Head over to a Atari Arcade to brush adult on your Asteroids, Centipede, Combat, Lunar Lander, Missile Command, Yars Revenge, Pong, and Super Breakout skills before Atari Vault drops after this year.


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